What is Wynonna Earp about?

Wynonna Earp is the show that is currently filling the Buffy sized hole in my viewing schedule. It has everything fans of Buffy love. A kick ass female lead, supernatural threats and a good team of supporting characters. It is currently airing on Syfy and is based upon a comic book series. 3 seasons have currently aired and a 4th is being made. So what is Wynonna Earp about?

A Brief Introduction to Wynonna Earp

Wynonna Earp follows the story of the Earp sisters, who are descendants of the infamous Wyatt Earp. Yes, the same Wyatt Earp of Tombstone fame and the same Wyatt Earp that you can read about in the history books. Wynonna is the older sister of the two and our main protagonist. She hasn’t lived in her home town of Purgatory for years, but in the first episode of the show she returns for her uncle’s funeral.

In Purgatory, she begins to investigate her Uncle’s death and is reunited with her sister, Waverly. Waverly explains to her that she has been researching the family ‘curse’. All 77 of the outlaws Wyatt Earp killed with his gun ‘Peacemaker’ are resurrecting as ‘ Revenants’ (Demons basically) and want to kill the Earps. Wynonna as the eldest living Earp inherits Peacemaker which is the only weapon that can send the Revenants back to hell and becomes the series’ Chosen One. The Revenants are also confined to Purgatory at present through magic, but believe that by killing the Earp heir they will be free.

Wynonna meets Agent Xavier Dolls and is recruited to his ‘Black Badge Division’. Black Badge act as a secret government agency that are tasked with investigating supernatural occurrences. Wynonna is reluctant at first to join, but left with no other choice she agrees and begins to work alongside Dolls. Dolls trains her to fight the Revenants and other supernatural creatures.

Through the course of obtaining Peacemaker and investigating her Uncle’s death Wynonna accidentally frees Doc Holliday from the well he has been trapped in. Initially he introduces himself as ‘Henry’ to her, but is later revealed to be the Doc Holliday that knew her ancestor Wyatt. The two form a close relationship and begin working together throughout the series with Doc being her right-hand man as he was Wyatt’s.

The series features all the classical monsters of the week Buffy was known for with; Vampires, Witches and various demons making an appearance. It has an overarching mythology story line that will drag you in. Just like Buffy, Wynonna is the chosen one and has witty one-liners and makes pop culture references. However, unlike Buffy, Wynonna is 27 and wise to the world. She is not a teenager and this is not a show primarily made for teenagers. Wynonna drinks, swears and does not always make the best choices in life or love.

Copyright to Syfy and IDW publishing. Comic cast cover showing L-R Dolls, Wynonna (sitting), Waverly and Doc.

Key Characters

Wynonna Earp

Played by: Melanie Scrofano

Wynonna is our protagonist. She is the chosen one to wield Peacemaker as Wyatt Earp’s heir. Her destiny is to kill the 77 outlaws that have been resurrected as Revenants. She is a strong female character that values her independence. She is often shown on the show drinking, swearing and getting into bar fights. Wynonna would do anything for her sister Waverly and throws herself into danger to protect her. She has a strong connection with both Dolls and Doc.

Waverly Earp

Played by: Dominique Provost-Chalkley

Waverly is Wynonna’s younger sister. She is often shown to be the researcher on the show and has spent the years up to Wynonna returning to purgatory researching the family curse. She works in Purgatory’s bar and is well-liked around the town. She is a naturally friendly person and this often leads her to putting herself in danger and worrying Wynonna. Her love interest is Nicole and their relationship is a favourite amongst viewers.

Doc Holliday

Played by: Tim Rozon

Doc Holliday is the same Doc that fought alongside Wyatt Earp. He is known as the fastest gunslinger in the west and demonstrates these skills in the show. Wynonna accidentally frees him from his prison at the bottom of the well and they begin working together. Initially Doc introduces himself as Henry to hide his identity from her, however, he is soon to be revealed to be Doc. He provides Wynonna with invaluable information about Wyatt but struggles to adjust to modern times at first. How he is still alive decades later after Wyatt’s death is one of the main early mysteries of the show. He is also a love interest for Wynonna.

Xavier Dolls

Played by: Shamier Anderson

Dolls is an agent of Black Badge and becomes Wynonna’s boss as he recruits her. He doesn’t talk much about his past which becomes interesting to Wynonna. He helps train her to fight the Revenants and beat other supernatural creatures. He can be quite stoic, but becomes an important person in the Earps’ lives. He is also a love interest for Wynonna.

Nicole Haught

Played by: Katherine Barrell

Nicole is the new deputy sheriff in town. She is initially clueless about the supernatural and clashes with Wynonna on cases. She is shown to have a mysterious past that becomes more important in later seasons. Her love interest is Waverly and their relationship has grown throughout the show with Nicole becoming an important member of the team.


Played by: Michael Eklund

Bobo is one of the main antagonists for the series. He is a Revenant and wants to escape purgatory. He is shown as being quite powerful as other Revenants follow his instructions. He has a soft spot for Waverly and this is explored in the show.

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