What is The Umbrella Academy about?

The Umbrella Academy is a Netflix original TV series based upon a limited run comic book series written by Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance fame and illustrated by Gabriel Ba. The comics were well received on publication and won an Eisner award. So what is The Umbrella Academy about?

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A Brief Introduction

The Umbrella Academy follows 7 people who were adopted as children by Sir Reginald Hargreeves. These children were 7 of 43 born to mothers who weren’t known to be pregnant until the moment they gave birth. Hargreeves raises these children as superheroes by giving them missions and training throughout their childhood. This leads to them growing-up into dysfunctional adults.

The majority of the comic series and likely the show follows the 7 as adults as they try to work together following the death of Hargreeves. Many of the team had drifted apart following the disappearance of one of their members and the comics follow how they learn to work together again, whilst, dealing with their differences and trauma from their lives.

Each of the 7 have a different super power with some being more useful than others. Hargreeves numbered the children in order of usefulness which caused resentment amongst the children towards each other. This remains a source of conflict in adulthood.

L-R The Kraken, The White Violin, Spaceboy, Number Five, The Rumor and The Seance.
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So who are the Umbrella Academy?

Number One: Luther (Spaceboy)

Played by: Tom Hopper

He is the leader of the team and Hargreeves favourite. He has super strength and resilience. After a mission to Mars ended in disaster, Hargreeves transplants his head onto a martian gorilla to keep him alive.

Number Two: Diego (The Kraken)

Played by: David Castaneda

His superpower is being able to hold his breath indefinitely. However, he has trained in combat and become a skilled fighter with particular skills with knives. He is also known to be reckless and has a rivalry with Luther.

Number Three: Allison (The Rumor)

Played by: Emmy Raver-Lampman

She is potentially the most powerful member of the team and has powers similar to Scarlet Witch (Marvel) as she is able to rewrite reality. Anything she says following ‘I heard a rumor…’ becomes true.

Number Four: Klaus (The Seance)

Played by: Robert Sheehan

He has the power to communicate with the dead when he isn’t wearing shoes and telekinesis. He turned to alcohol and drugs following his childhood.

Number Five: The Boy

Played by: Aidan Gallagher

The only member of the Umbrella Academy that doesn’t have a name. He is a time traveler trapped in the body of his younger self. His disappearance caused the Academy to break-up and he has just returned from an apocalyptic future.

Number Six: Ben (The Horror)

Played by: Ethan Hwang

He is already dead at the start of the comic series and his death contributed to the Academy disbanding. His powers allowed him to summon eldritch horror-esque creatures that lived inside him.

Number Seven: Varnya (The White Violin)

Played by: Ellen Page

She showed no superpowers as a child and so was seen as ‘useless’ by Hargreeves. She ran away from the Academy and wrote a tell-all book about her time there.

Unsure if it’s for you?

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