What is Captain Marvel about?

Captain Marvel is the latest movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). It is also the first female lead superhero film in the MCU. Captain Marvel is the alias of Carol Danvers, a character who was created in 1968 in the Marvel comics. However, she has only been known as Captain Marvel since 2012, prior to this she had other aliases including the well-known Ms. Marvel. The character has a long history in the comics and has been featured as part of multiple superhero teams such as the; Avengers and for a brief time the Guardians of the Galaxy. So what is Captain Marvel about?

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A brief introduction

The film hasn’t currently been released as I am writing this so a lot will be based upon the history of the character from the comics and what we see in the trailers. In the comics Carol made her debut as an officer in the United States Air Force where she met the current Captain Marvel, Mar-vell. Yeah, Marvel don’t make it easy. Mar-vell is a member of the the alien race, the Kree. Carol obtains her powers from Mar-vell after her DNA was fused with his during an explosion. From the trailers Carol is still a member of the United States Air Force at some point, but it is currently unclear how she obtains her powers. She does however, state that she is a Kree, like Mar-vell, in one of the trailers and is shown to have been ‘altered’ by the Kree. So it is likely they made her into a Kree which is how she obtained her powers.

In the comics her powers are; superhuman strength, superhuman endurance, superhuman speed, superhumance stamina, energy projection, energy absorption and flight. From the trailers we can see she has many of these powers still.

The film is set in the 1990s and will be our introduction to the character. The comics have famously had a war between the Kree and Skrull (another alien race) throughout their history. The film appears to be exploring this war in which Captain Marvel played a big part. However, it was the Mar-Vell version of Captain Marvel that fought in the Kree-Skrull war and has a long history with Thanos. So it remains to be seen how Carol Danvers will interact in the war and with Thanos.

The film will also feature many characters the audience of MCU films are familiar with such as; Nick Fury, Ronan and agent Coulson.

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L-R Nick Fury, Captain Marvel, Yon-Rogg.

Key Characters

Captain Marvel

Alias: Carol Danvers

Played by: Brie Larson

Carol Danvers is our protagonist and star of the movie.

Nick Fury

Played by: Samual L Jackson

If you have watched any of the MCU you likely know who Nick Fury is already. He is known as the leader of SHIELD and helped gather the Avengers together. This version of the character is likely pre-SHIELD and will show us how Nick Fury became the Nick Fury we know.


Played by: Jude Law

Who Jude Law is playing has been kept secret throughout most of the marketing for Captain Marvel. Many, myself included, assumed/hoped he would be playing Mar-vell. However, in a recent interview it was said that he was playing Yon-Rogg who was the original commander of Mar-vell and the Kree forces. I am still hopeful that he is our Mar-vell character and they have combined the two roles. Mainly because I am a huge Young Avengers fan and Mar-vell is father of Young Avenger; Hulkling and I’ve been trying to convince everyone that listens for years that MCU are setting up the Young Avengers.

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