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Vikings is one of mine and my brother’s favourite shows. We’ve watched it from the start and often text each other about what has happened in the latest episode. It is, however, a bit awkward to sometimes get merchandise for and does sometimes need you to think out of the box to find the perfect gift for that Vikings fan in your life. So here’s some of my ideas and picks for Vikings fans.

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If you haven’t watched it already:

Get the box set and catch-up. It is also available for free on Amazon Prime for those in the UK or for a small charge on Prime in North America.

Learn more about the making of the show:

This book gives you information on behind the scenes of the show. It also gives some history about real Vikings and how that has been incorporated into the show.

Why not learn the real story?

Why not learn the real story of Ragnar and the Vikings?

Promote Floki’s shipbuilding business:

Keep yourself warm and promote Floki’s business at the same time.

A Viking bracelet:

In the show these are often worn to show their dedication to the gods and taking it off is their way of renouncing their faith.

A pendant for protection:

Mjolnir isn’t just the weapon of Marvel’s Thor. Thor was originally a norse god who wielded his mighty hammer, Mjolnir. Vikings often wore Mjolnir as a symbol of their worship of Thor and to ask him for protection in battle.

The Nordic compass:

If you’re like me and always getting lost than why not try wearing Vegvisir; the Nordic compass to help guide you and stop from getting lost.

Your own drinking horn:

Try drinking from a horn like it is alleged Vikings did. If, nothing else you won’t lose your drink at a party.

So there’s my current picks for some Vikings merch for yourself or loved ones. Do you have any ideas of merch to get fans of Vikings? Let me know in the comments.

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