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There is a lot of Labyrinth Merchandise out there and I own a lot of it. I collect Labyrinth merch and I find it very difficult not to buy official merchandise that I don’t own. So I can personally vouch to the quality of a lot of things on this list. So here’s my picks of Labyrinth merch for yourself or gifts for your loved ones.

Disclaimer: Some of these links below are affiliate links which means if you click through and make a purchase that I might earn a commission. This is at no extra cost to yourself and helps with site running costs.

The best copy of the film:

I own multiple copies of the film on both DVD and Blu-ray, but this one is my favourite. It is absolutely gorgeous to look at and I love how they have recreated the Escher stairs room using images from the film and mirrors in the case. In fact this was too gorgeous for me to even open and lives on a proudly on display.

Continue the story of the film:

Did you know there was a sequel manga series? Manga is basically a Japanese comic form, but this was actually a Western comic done by an American Manga publisher. It follows the story of Toby as a teenager returning to the Labyrinth and you get to see what has happened to all your favorite characters.

Ever wonder how Jareth became the Goblin King?

This is a currently ongoing comic series that is a prequel to the film. The story follows Jareth as he becomes the Goblin King.

Learn more about the making of the film here:

This is a stunning book that shows the history of the Labyrinth with behind the scenes photos and interviews.

Get your own Ludo:

This is an adorable Ludo plush, although he looks so sad that you just want to give him a hug.

The Funko Pops:

As I’ve said there’s always Pops. Who wouldn’t want their own mini Jareth though?


The detailing on this figure is gorgeous. It has a real likeness to David Bowie. Mine is actually on display alongside some of my other Labyrinth merch.

Play through the Labyrinth yourself:

How about playing through the Labyrinth yourself? 1-4 players take the roles of Sarah, Hoggle, Ludo and Sir Didymus as they battle their way through the Labyrinth to the Goblin castle before confronting Jareth. However, like in the film you only have 13 turns of the clock before you lose and Toby becomes a Goblin. This game is surprisingly difficult. We’ve lost more times than we’ve won. In fact, I think we’ve only won once.

Have that Cuppa with the Worm:

Have that Cuppa tea that the worm promised, just maybe not in the way he intended with this worm shaped mug.

Start the cosplay young:

Start your baby or friend’s baby cosplaying young as Toby. Hopefully the Goblin King won’t take them away.

So there’s some of my merch picks for the Labyrinth for gifts for yourself or loved ones. Do you have any ideas of Labyrinth merch you would get? Please let me know in the comments.

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